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This Course is prepared for helping the entry level Fresher & Experience Engineers in the field of Air Conditioning Systems. This Course is also useful for person’s who’s dealing in HVAC product. This course fills the gap between the theoretical study & real practical design of HVAC systems. 

Duration and Fee:

This course (Online + Physical) is designed to have 16 credit hours and would be delivered within two days on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Fee for this course is 12,500.

Target Audience/Eligibility:

  • B. Tech/BE in Mechanical/Electrical/Industrial Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical/Industrial/Architectural/Textile/Instrumental and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechatronics / Chemical Engineers 

Course Outline:

Course outline of HVAC consultancy design

  • HVAC Design for the Compliance of ECBC Pakistan, USGBC LEED and ASHRAE Standards
  • Analysis of Weather files
  • Analysis of Weather files as per ASHRAE & LEED Standard
  • Design of Building Envelope as per LEED & ASHRAE 9.1,189 Standard
  • Cooling Heating and Ventilation load calculation with HAP Software
  • Duct Design McQuay Software
  • Energy conservation study & design with HAP Software
  • Calculation and Design of Fresh Air as per LEED & ASHRAE 62 Standard
  • Design and Verification of Thermal Comfort as per LEED & ASHARE 55 Standard
  • Plan for Indoor Air Quality management as per SMACNA Standard
  • VRV’s / VRF’s system for residential & commercial buildings
  • Duct heater and it’s Calculation
  • Heat flows calculation and Analysis
  • Principle and application of condensate pump
  • Working and purpose of Chiller, Air handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Diffusers etc.
  • Chilled water pipe sizing
  • Calculations for HVAC chilled water distribution Scheme
  • Application and Selection of Chilled water Vs Air-cooled chiller
  • Reason and solution of diffusers sweating
  • Application and Selection of Ventilation Fans
  • Role of HVAC engineer on Site & as a Designer
  • HVAC commonly used formulas and Unit conversations
  • Guidelines for HVAC interview and Cv preparation

Deliverables at the end of Course:

  • HVAC Consultancy design Courses syllabus as per standard & Codes
  • Audio and Video tutorials (For only self-paced Trainings)
  • All Courses are based upon Real Projects
  • Job oriented training program
  • Career Consulting & Guideline for interview
  • HAP Cracked Software Versions 4.5, 4.8 and 4.9
  • Complete ASHARE 62 Code 2007 and 2010 for Ventilation Design
  • Complete ASHARE 55 Code 2007 and 2010 for Comfort Design
  • Psychometric Chart
  • Complete ASHRAE 90.1 Code 2007 and 2010 for Energy
  • U-Value excel sheets for Building Envelope
  • McQuay Software for Duct Design
  • Certification of Completion

Career Opportunities:

The field of HVAC consultancy design includes the widest range of opportunities of any field of design. They include:

  • Power plants
  • Petrochemical complex
  • Pulp and paper plants
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Office buildings
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food and beverage plants
  • Synthetic fuel plants
  • Offshore platforms
  • All type of commercial, industrial and residential construction