Course Lighting Design

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Lighting Design

In this course, participants will find out what it is possible to do with DIALux 4.12. Using this software with its high-performance features they can achieve the targets they are aiming for in lighting design. They can produce professional documentation with explicit calculations and good images. Participants will also learn how to create an interaction between indoor and outdoor scene. Their calculation will consider daylight and control it.

Duration and Fee

This course (Online + Physical) is designed to have 16 credit hours and would be delivered within two days on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Fee for this course is 12,000 for professionals, 10,000 for students and 10% discount in group of 2 or 3.

Target Audience/Eligibility

  • Mechanical/Industrial/Architectural/Textile/Instrumental/Energy/ Electrical/Chemical Engineers
  • Town planners and Interior designers

Course Outline

Lighting designer & Daylight simulator course content:

  • Lighting Codes, Standards and Guidelines 
  • Introduction to the different types of lights
  • Introduction to the different manufacturer and brands of light
  • Introduction to the different ways of lighting installation
  • Guidelines how to buy and check lighting fixtures
  • Introduction to the software, including importing Plugins and Photometric files
  • Setting Up and personalizing the software
  • Creating and editing rooms including surface textures
  • Inserting luminaires singly in rows and as groups
  • Detailed info aboutInterior and Street lighting design
  • Importing and exporting CAD files
  • 3D Design of Spaces
  • Running and verifying calculations
  • Creating a report of results for printing or pdf
  • Finalizing actual and cost-effective design
  • Finalizing actual and cost-effective Lighting brands and model
  • Information about IES files, color rendering and 3D’s
  • Information about technical points of lighting fixtures as per Catalogue
  • Energy audit of existing and planned lighting fixtures
  • Calculation of Return on Investment for new proposed lighting fixtures
  • Daylight Simulation
  • Case study with lighting circuit and drawing
  • Guidelines on lighting career development

Deliverables at the end of Course

  • Course syllabus as per standard & Codes
  • Software
  • Guideline book of lighting designing
  • Plugins and IES files
  • Audio and Video tutorials (For only self-paced Trainings)
  • All Courses are based upon Real Projects
  • Job oriented training program
  • Career Consulting & Guideline for interview
  • Certification of Completion

Career Opportunities:

Lighting Design Jobs" results in the following types of jobs that require or include Lighting design expert in the job description.

  • Marketing engineer
  • Intern Architect/Engineer/Compliance
  • Commercial Construction Associate/Project Engineer
  • Lighting engineer
  • Lighting designer 
  • Energy Manager
  • Program Associate
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electronic engineer  
  • Sustainability Administrator
  • Quality Control Manager