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MEP D2O is one of the premier energy modeling service providers based in Pakistan. The company offers energy efficient and sustainable modeling solutions to the building and construction industry.

We are working in field of performing Energy simulation & analysis studies during design development process to help Designers, Developers, Architects, HVAC Consultants, MEP Consultants, Energy Modeling Consultants & other individuals working for better improvement and savings in energy consumption to have energy efficient decision makings.

We can suggest with various energy simulation approaches with modeling and analysis to have significant energy savings in existing (Energy Audit) as well as newly constructed buildings to have ultimately cost deductions/benefits.

Using sophisticated state of the art software approved by the US Department of Energy, eQuest and HAP, MEP D2O can estimate your long-term energy savings and a projected payback period based a combination of building improvements. Returns on investment (ROI) and internal rates of return (IRR) can be calculated along with detailed life cost analysis over the life of your proposed upgrades.

What you can achieve:
• It is a powerful tool in integrated building design process, taking into consideration all the possible factors and energy-related parameters
• It helps in optimizing design of a building in the most efficient manner
• A sound energy model enables the designers and architects to prioritize strategies, investing in which can deliver the best effect on the building’s energy consumption rate
• It allows the engineers and designers to primarily emphasize on major driving forces behind energy use during the process of schematic design
• An energy model provides valuable insight during conceptualization phase of a project, and can be utilized for testing the effects of building massing, site location, and orientation