Course Energy Modeling

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Energy Modeling

This Course is based upon theoretical & Practical design calculation & deeply focused upon the design of varies components building design, envelope, orientation, weather, schedules, controls, and energy-using systems to project comparative energy consumption and costs. Based on this evaluation, you can choose the most cost-effective recommendations to improve energy performance. 

Duration and Fee:

This course (Online + Physical) is designed to have 16 credit hours and would be delivered within two days on weekends (Saturday & Sunday). Fee for this course is 15,000 for professionals, 12,450 for students and 10% discount in group of 2 or 3.

Target Audience/Eligibility:

  • B. Tech/BE/BS in Mechanical/Electrical/Industrial/Architectural/Textile/Instrumental/Energy
  • Diploma in Electrical/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Course Outline:

Building Energy Simulation Analyst course outline

  • Introduction to Building Energy Simulation
  • To recognize various building energy simulation tools, types and capabilities
  • Introduce energy efficiency and passive design early in your design process
  • To learn underlying concepts, modeling inputs and analysis methods of building components such as envelope, lighting, occupants, equipment, process loads, HVAC and service hot water systems
  • Building the Building Envelope
  • Glass and shade
  • Internal loads and schedules
  • Heating/cooling/Lighting/equipment heat gains
  • To raise the professional standards of those engaged in energy simulation
  • Compare MEP system types and operating costs
  • Perform ROI (return on investment) analysis of any sustainable feature, such as increased insulation or better windows
  • Lowers energy use and saves money
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
  • To interpret simulation results and troubleshoot errors

Deliverables at the end of Course:

  • Certified Building Simulation Analyst Course syllabus as per standard & Codes
  • Audio and Video tutorials (For only self-paced Trainings)
  • All Courses are based upon Real Projects
  • Job oriented training program
  • Career Consulting & Guideline for interview
  • Cracked software for Energy Simulation
  • Complete ASHARE 62 Code 2007 and 2010 for Ventilation Design
  • Complete ASHARE 55 Code 2007 and 2010 for Comfort Design
  • Psychometric Chart
  • Complete ASHRAE 90.1 Code 2007 and 2010 for Energy
  • U-Value excel sheets for Building Envelope
  • Certification of Completion

Career Opportunities:

The field of Certified Building Simulation Analyst includes the widest range of opportunities of any field of design. They include:

  • Energy Analyst in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Energy Researcher in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Sustainable Engineer in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Energy Optimization Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Building code official
  • Project Manager in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Energy Auditor in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Electrical Engineer in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Mechanical Engineer in all commercial and industrial companies
  • Mechatronics Engineer in all commercial and industrial compnies